New Webinar Video: Virgin Atlantic – Real-time Personalisation

Well, our recent webinar on the award-winning real-time personalisation project for Virgin Atlantic went down a treat. With such a large audience, from a diverse range of sectors, it’s clear that personalisation is a hot topic right now, and it’s easy to see why when you consider the 11% increase in ancillary sales achieved by R-cubed, delivering a ROI of 6:1 for Virgin Atlantic.

Clearly the groundbreaking work that won R-cubed & Virgin Atlantic awards from both the Data Storytelling and the Database Marketing Award events has generated a lot of interest. Hosting the webinar was Daniel Guest, R-cubed’s Commercial Director, who was joined by Kate Williams, Head of Analysis at R-cubed, Michael Groves, Lead Developer at R-cubed and Brian Holyer, Consultant at Celebrus Technologies.

In this fast-paced webinar the panel dug deep into the detail of the data, the technology, and the activity that was used to boost sales for Virgin Atlantic – and of course, the results.

Watch the webinar now for yourself right here, right now – and if you fancy seeing R-Bot in action on your own website, sign up for a demo.