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Destinology are experts in providing  luxury tailor-made holidays to exotic worldwide locations, such as Thailand and Dubai.

With customer information  in several data systems with many separate data sources it was almost impossible for Destinology to understand the full customer journey along with the potential value of each individual customer.

Destinology needed a way of joining their data together and creating a full view of their customers, allowing intelligent one-to-one customer communications that are relevant, timely and effective.


R-cubed set about combining the data  from all of the inbound and outbound channels to create a comprehensive single customer view. Once this was complete, Destinology could see a full view of their customers. It not only showed a complete picture of how customers were behaving and their value to the business but also showed how customers were being contacted in different ways.  Some were being over contacted, while some were receiving very little marketing.

With the Single Customer View in place, and Apteco FastStats providing Destinology with a comprehensive window into the data, R-cubed then implemented Apteco PeopleStage alongside FastStats to deliver multi-channel marketing automation.

Setting up a multi-channel campaign environment and developing a customer journey contact strategy, R-cubed were then able to start affecting Destinology’s CRM programme.


The new Single Customer View provided:

  • Valuable insight into the customer base such as trends, increases in customer retention and booking value.
  • Enabled an increased attention on Enquirer and Prospect
  • A contact history for the first time which showed that a large proportion of the emailable base had headroom for more contact but some customers were over-contacted.

"R-cubed built the Single Customer View in record time"

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