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With thousands of different car and home insurance quotes produced for customers every day, RIAS insurance needed a way to maximise the sales of their insurance products.

This didn’t just mean on the websites but in their contact centres too. How could they re-engage prospects who had not finished going through the quote process?  And how could they equip their contact centre with the most appropriate information to follow up these prospects?

That’s where R-cubed come in….


At R-cubed, we not only consider ourselves experts in data analysis, but also in delivering the right message to customers in real time, as they browse a website.  So we were confident we could help RIAS improve their performance.

We examined the behaviour of prospects who abandoned their quote and put a contact strategy in place.  This included a well timed email to the customer, to remind them of their quote and offering help if they needed it.

We also built an app that gave the contact centre the key information they needed to build a better dialogue with customers, both on inbounds and outbound calls.  Agents were now able to see information about the customer that dramatically increased the opportunity for engagement and sales.  For example, they could see –

  • Whether a customer had abandoned a quote
  • Whether we had a valid email for them – and if not, to ask for one
  • What marketing communications the customer had received
  • What products they were most likely to buy

As a result, agents were able to tailor the conversation for every customer, which not only gave a better customer experience, but also increased sales.


Some great results have already been achieved for RIAS with abandoned quote recovery for both email and call centre, with a 13% uplift in the conversion of abandoned quotes into policies.

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"Abandoned quote recovery has received an uplift of 13%!"

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