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Tenpin operates in a fast moving environment, competing against various leisure activities.

The core business challenges were:

  • To boost its Customer focus -to reach and exceed standards set by leaders in the retail and leisure sectors
  • To grow the business, reducing the cost of acquisition and increasing retention
  • To respond quickly to market opportunities (e.g. prolonged wet weather)
  • To build internal capabilities
  • Driving an ROI focus from headquarters
  • Sharing learning within the wider company

Tenpin needed an effective  CRM service to communicate the right message, to the right customer, at the right time.


R-cubed began with a curtain-opening analysis to develop a deep understanding of Tenpin customer behaviour

  • Who are the high value customer?
  • Who are the low value customers?
  • Predicting future visits & spend
  • How well do Tenpin recruit & convert new customers?
  • What are the key customer typologies?
  • How engaged are customers?
  • What’s the level of risk & opportunity on the base?
  • How do customers change YOY?

This insight was used to segment by value, engagement and customer type allowing R-cubed to design a data-driven communications strategy, which included:

  • Specific nursery programme with regular communications now sent using
    R-cubed’s marketing automation system
  • New dynamic email communications launched – delivering most relevant content
  • Content blocks developed and used

R-cubed also worked with the stakeholders to improve the collection & management of valuable data.


Some great results have already been achieved for Tenpin.  Engagement is up and new email communications are generating incremental revenue:

  • Overall rebooking rates have increased 36% YOY
  • Email engagement is now up 38%
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"Email engagement is now up by 38%"

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