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What do Virgin Atlantic customers expect from their booking experience? Speed? Relevance? Recognition? Rewards? Exactly.

It’s your booking process, it should be tailored to you. Obviously. But with millions of different customers on many different channels, how could Virgin Atlantic get the Right offer to the Right customer at the Right time?


R-cubed were asked to help do the math.
Together we not only worked out what to offer each customer but found out that most extras are bought the same day as the flight, and most bookings take place online.

So, to get the right offer to the right customer as the right time Virgin Atlantic needed a way of changing the website for each customer in real-time. Luckily R-cubed have some awesome technology that when combined with the teams know-how could customise the website based on:

  • Who the customer was
  • Their relationship with Virgin Atlantic
  • And what they were doing in real-time.

 Changing a ‘one size fits all’ approach to targeted messages. The team even developed a tailored ‘Chat Now’ button so customers can chat to an agent about personalised offers.


Sales of Virgin Atlantic ancillaries increased by 11% and in some cases by as much as 30% by getting the right message, to the right customer at the right time and delivered a truly unique experience.

"We are delighted with the results this innovative  project generated, R-cubed's real-time approach increased sales of ancillary products and helped our customers enhance their Virgin Atlantic experience."

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