Attrifusion™ - Confident Media Measurement

Media measurement is getting more complicated; customer journeys are longer, more complex and have more touchpoints than ever.

Done well, media measurement will tell you where you should be investing your hard-fought budget.  Done badly, it will send you down any number of blind alleys and you’ll be wasting your marketing efforts.

Classic attribution and media reporting can be fraught with problems – not least of which because GDPR and cookie constraints are restricting media tracking.  These reports are often flawed because they’re prepared in isolation and unwilling or unable to account for the impact of other media or offline sales. For example, is your web traffic able to account for the impact of direct mail, outbound calls, TV or word of mouth? Are store visits and offline sales included?  Or do all your channels claim more sales combined than you actually make?

Unless you’re able to combine all your channels, online and offline, and accurately quantify the impact of them on every last sale, you’re not going to get an accurate picture.  And that means, you’re wasting budget.

So that’s why we created Attrifusion™.  It’s one of the most powerful and accurate means of measuring marketing effectiveness available today.

It combines customer path analysis with econometrics to produce an all-media, all-touchpoint and all-safe measurement.  No more double-counting.  No more uncertainty.  Just a crystal clear picture of where each and every one of your sales comes from.

So what does this mean in terms of cold hard figures? Well, we’ve helped our clients to reposition how they used their digital budget to increase the number of new-to brand customers by 6%, rather than reaching those who were already familiar with the brand.

We also managed to cut digital advertising by 25% with no loss in sales – freeing up that spend to be used more productively elsewhere.

And we shifted the timing of advertising across channels – including TV and PPC – to drive a greater ROI from the same budget.

So if you think these kinds of results could benefit your business then read our white paper here to see how it works.

And remember, we’re always glad to hear from you.

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