As if by magic...

Marketing Automation – Right message, right person, right time.

It’s been the holy grail of marketing since the first caveman tried to sell his neighbour a mammoth tusk.

Now, thanks to marketing automation, it’s within reach.  We use FastStats PeopleStage to trigger multi channel, multi stage marketing to your customers, ensuring that you always reach the right customer with the right message at the right time.

Based on any customer behaviour, you’ll be able to trigger communications through email, SMS, direct mail, your website, contact centre, or even social media.

You’ll be able to spot lapsed customers returning to your website, follow up abandoned baskets and automate messages throughout the customer journey.  And all of this can happen without you lifting a finger.

Automated marketing is about much more than just triggered emails. If you’d like to find out just how far automation can take you, then get in touch.

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