All together now...

You know who your most valuable customers are.  Great.

You send them personalised, engaging marketing communications to make them feel special.  Fantastic.

They visit your website and get treated the same as everyone else.   D’oh.

Joined up marketing means sending a consistent message to your customers, whatever the channel.

We can join your online and offline worlds together, enabling you to deliver real time personalisation and triggered communications to the right person at the right time.  And that means not only your email, direct mail and telephony, but also your website, which can change seamlessly according to each visitor.  And by automating your marketing by customer, you cut out the hard work at the same time.

What’s more, we can accurately measure the impact that each channel is having on your different customer groups, so you can create the optimal marketing strategy for each group.  Maximum results, minimum wasted budget.

So if you’d like to deliver a better customer experience, achieve better results and automate your marketing, contact us here, we should talk.

Joined up Marketing customer

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