Right message - Right now...

Real-time marketing takes automated marketing to the next level.

Using our technology and know-how, you’ll know when valuable customers are browsing your website and can make intelligent decisions about what you should say to them next.  We’ll create an ‘Engagement Hub’, that holds all your customer data and ensures your people and platforms see exactly the same information.

You might want to change the prices the customer sees.  Or perhaps prioritise what extras or add-ons you offer.  Or even trigger a call from your call centre, to see if you can be of service to them.  Whatever you choose to do, you’ll now be able to create a personalised journey for every customer, across all channels.

Your website no longer needs to be ‘one size fits all’.  Now it’s ‘one size fits one’, where every customer can have a unique experience – and one that suits them.

Real-time marketing personalisation

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