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Making your data-driven marketing smarter

Our aim is to make your data-driven marketing smarter.

Because when it’s smarter, you’ll make more money.

We’ll take all your data – both online and offline – and combine it to give you a clearer view of your customers. From that, we’ll show you where the true value lies, what impact your marketing has had, and the future value of every single one of your customers.


We’ll help you create better marketing strategies, deliver better results and increase your sales figures. We do all this through a mix of cutting edge technology and some of the smartest marketing minds in the business.


Everyone at R-cubed really understands the customer. Our experts have worked in senior marketing roles at leading blue-chip companies and have a wealth of experience in delivering highly profitable customer marketing strategies. So you can be confident that we have the tools and the people to deliver outstanding results, time after time.


We believe it’s what sets us apart from the competition.

The R-cubed Approach

We bring together analysis, marketing and technology to optimise customer contact strategies and deliver more profit for our clients.


Over the years we have built a tried and tested approach for helping clients make better use of their data and deliver improved results. First we  bring all the data together to 'switch the lights on' and find the hidden opportunities for increasing marketing performance. We then build a single customer view, developing powerful contact strategies and setting up automated campaigns to maximise the ROI of your marketing budget.


We take your data and carry out in depth analysis, revealing exactly where your big opportunities lie.


We’ll create customer contact strategies that will make the most of the opportunities within your data.


We work with you on an ongoing basis, continually analysing and adapting customer communications to deliver the optimal strategy for success.

Our Services

Right message, right person, right time
Drive your performance through real data insight
One place, one customer, all the data
Automate your customer journeys for effort free marketing execution
Accounting for every sale, through every channel
Send the right message to every customer across all channels
Personalise your website and real time communications to create a unique customer experience
We’re leading providers of FastStats and Peoplestage – powerful tools that will harness the power of your data

"In the first 12 months alone R-cubed delivered a 20% increase in marketing efficiency - we trust them"

Marketing Director, Lands End

“R-cubed empowered our internal team by working in partnership to formulate a testing strategy to measure the true incremental impact of all our multi-channel direct marketing”

Ecommerce Manager, P&O Ferries

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