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Let’s cut to the chase.  Having a Single Customer View (or SCV) is vital if you want to deliver great data driven marketing and great sales figures across your business.  Everything stems from your SCV.

An effective SCV will pull together all the data held across your business about your customers – both online and offline behaviour – and give you a complete picture of your customers.  It will power everything you do going forward – your segmentation, your marketing strategy, your automated campaigns, everything.  You absolutely need to get it right.

We’ve built lots of SCVs.  Loads of them. Hundreds, in fact.  We’ve won awards for them.  We’ve built them for companies with customers across the globe, with multiple touchpoints, in different languages.  We’ve done it all.

We can build you a SCV that doesn’t just dump data into one place, but that turns the data into more meaningful fields and makes light work of analysis. For example, we’ll take date of booking and turn into something much more meaningful – such as number of bookings in the last 12 months.  What’s more we’ll do it in real time, so that your view of the customer is the most up to date one possible.

A SCV can also help you overcome some of the challenges of GDPR – managing customer marketing preferences, fulfilling Subject Access Requests and exercising a customer’s right to be forgotten.

We’ll help you bring all you data into one place and show you the difference that a SCV can have.  Contact us here.

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