Whose sale is it anyway?

Multi-channel marketing attribution isn’t a nice-to-have.   It’s absolutely crucial if you want to know how well your customer marketing is performing across all touchpoints.

But we’re not pretending it’s easy.  If you’ve ever struggled to accurately measure the contribution of a channel, whether it’s Facebook or TV, call centre or word of mouth, we understand.  It’s tough.

But multi-channel attribution is what R-cubed specialises in and we’ve developed an approach that tracks the complete customer journey.  It combines digital with offline, at an individual level, to give a complete picture of all your channels.  No exceptions and no channel bias.

In a post GDPR world, attribution has become even more challenging as access to data has tightened.

Read about how we approach multi-channel attribution in our white paper.

If you’re looking for some answers on how you can measure the performance of your channels, why not give us a call?

Attribution R-cubed

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