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With more than 10 million passengers carried each year, P&O Ferries makes extensive use of email communications.

In order to optimise marketing budgets it was important they gain a real understanding of what their email campaigns were delivering against their other channels. R-cubed’s objective was to identify whether email was having a positive effect on bookings.


R-cubed created a single customer view of bookings, campaigns and email activity. After implementing silent control cells, the team tested the effect of multi-channel communication.

This involved creating a series of ‘email behaviour groups’ at both individual and household level to measure the true uplift in bookings and trigger opportunities.


The email behaviour groups revealed that whilst email was delivering uplift in bookings, a large number of high value groups were not being influenced by email at all.

A multi-channel contact strategy was tested, revealing that using other channels to supplement and in some cases replace email generated a substantial increase in booking rates.

"R-cubed empowered our internal team by working in partnership to formulate a testing strategy which measured the incremental impact of all our multi-channel direct marketing"

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