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If you’re looking to add the latest marketing tools to your business, it’s not always easy to evaluate and compare the different software that is available.  Here at R-cubed we think that the Apteco Marketing Suite (formally Apteco FastStats) is the best on the market and here’s why…

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Everything in one place – data analysis, campaign management and marketing automation

With the Apteco Marketing Suite (FastStats and PeopleStage) you have a diverse marketing and analysis platform that helps to draw the  interaction between “thinking” and “doing” even closer.

Usable software built for the marketer

Apteco developed the Marketing Suite with marketing users in mind and to ensure that the functionality is the best in the market place, Apteco continuously run studies around how well the product is working for it’s users.

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Deploy it fast! – and without any impact!

With Apteco Marketing Suite, your current databases will be “mirrored”.  The system can be deployed quickly and importantly without touching your current landscape.

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Big analysis for SME pricing

The Apteco Marketing Suite gives you ultra-fast database tech without breaking the bank.  Dive into the data and create targeted segments, track the behavior of your segments and use this information for effective campaign management and automation.

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Be close to your customer data with drag and drop simplicity

With the Apteco Marketing Suite you can access your data fast, and with one click you can utilise the many tools Apteco give you to Analyse, segment or export using their simple drag and drop interface.

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Improving constantly – expanding functionality

Apteco consistently improve the Marketing Suite with suggestions from users, all implemented within four software releases each year.

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Multi-channel integration

Apteco Marketing Suite integrates with 7 key channels – email, SMS, social, contact centre, CRM, direct mail and mobile push.

Next Steps

If you think that the Apteco Marketing Suite (Apteco FastStats) could be just what your business is looking for, please get in touch here.

Optimise your customer contact strategies

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