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Knowing and understanding your customers is critical if you’re going to produce effective marketing.

Knowing and understanding your customers is critical if you’re going to produce effective marketing.

You’ll already know the core essentials of your customer base – demographics, spend patterns, frequency and so on. And you’ve probably got a segmentation model or two that helps you identify the customer groups to target for any given campaign.

But it can be really difficult to know what you’re missing, especially when you have tried and trusted ways of working. When was the last time you stepped back from your data and looked at it with fresh eyes? Tradition, myths and misconceptions within a business can lead to a widely-held belief that certain customers all behave in a certain way. But do they?

Does your current analysis struggle to produce a truly holistic view of the customer? One that includes both online and offline behaviour and tells you the best mix of activity to maximise sales?

Or maybe you’re new to a role and looking to quickly get to know your new customer base and make an impact? Or, quite simply, you’re just looking for some genuinely new and exciting insight.

If you’re honest (and we know that all friends of R-cubed pride themselves on their complete honesty and integrity!) you’ll know that you’re almost certainly missing a trick or three. But the question is – how to uncover them?

‘Meet Your Customers’

We’ve developed a unique and powerful analysis approach that our clients love. It’s the first thing they get from us, because it immediately highlights areas where there are significant gains to be made from different customer groups.

It answers key questions and suggests clear actions to maximise the value of your customers and makes, literally, millions of pounds in incremental sales for our clients. It’s how we’ve proved the value we can add to hundreds of prospects and clients and, quite frankly, we’ve very proud of it.

How does it work?

We hire exceptional people with data and marketing backgrounds, who know how to unlock customer value. And what they do is take your data and combine it with their know-how. It not only brings all the data together to give you a complete picture of your customers, but our unique analysis approach will reveal what you need to know about your previously hidden customer value.

We highlight the gaps and the opportunities that help answer key questions that have been stopping your business from attracting more of the right customers or from plugging a leaky retention bucket.

We’ll show you not just their current value, but their future potential.

You’ll be able to see who your most valuable customers are, where they’ve come from, who’s looking to leave you, where the untapped opportunities are and exactly what they’re worth to you. It’s the blueprint for optimising your contact strategy for each and every customer.

Are you ready to meet your customers?

If you think you could benefit from getting to know your customers better, then we’d love to hear from you. Or if you’d like to find out a little more first, there’s a short video below.

A ‘Meet Your Customers’ project costs less than you’d think, and we guarantee it’ll return more than you could dream of. So for a free, no-obligation chat, why not get in touch.

We’d love to meet you, as well as your customers.

Optimise your customer contact strategies

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