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How to sell without selling

How to sell without selling

Your marketing strategy will no doubt have many strands to it, in your ongoing efforts to increase customer sales. Cross-selling, up-selling, discounts, promotions, anniversary mailings, abandoned basket – the list of opportunities to secure just one more sale is almost endless.

But have you considered selling without selling?

Customers are used to getting sales communications from you, but when was the last time you sent something that added value, rather than looked to make a sale?

The art of adding value

We’ve helped many of our clients deliver automated marketing, via tools such as Apteco Faststats, that use all the customer data they have to deliver the most appropriate – and profitable – communications.

But sometimes, the most profitable communication isn’t the obvious one. We worked with Ageas, one of the UK’s leading insurers, to help supercharge their customer communications.

Insurance is a highly competitive and price-driven market, with comparison sites dominating the customer relationship. Ageas’ objective was to move the conversation away from purely cost and to add real value to the customer experience.

And now for something completely different

We created a suite of communications that focused on offering practical advice and guidance to Ageas’ customers in a ‘surprise and delight’ campaign.

This included tips on winter driving, car maintenance and keeping your home secure and warm in the winter.

The results were phenomenal. High open rates, low unsubscribe rates, all while increasing retention. And the campaign itself was short-listed for the Apteco ‘Best Use of Faststats Award’.

Watch our presentation below or here to see some of the strategies we used to unleash the power of Apteco’s customer data.

And if you’re interested in automating your marketing – or are already a Faststats user – you can always get in touch with us for a no-obligation chat.

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