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GDPR - how do your customers feel image

GDPR – How do your customers feel about you now?

“Is this goodbye?” “Can we still talk?”  “Please don’t go.” As a consumer, you can’t have failed to notice the deluge of emails pouring into your inbox over the last few months, most of them…

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Image of Customer Segmentation

Stop focusing on your high value customers

You know who your high value customers are.  They’re ones who shop most frequently with you, buy the most and help you make your sales targets, so they’re the ones you should spend your hard fought…

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Virgin Atlantic real-time personalisation example

Personalise your website for every customer

Marketing is all about building relationships with your customers. Shopkeepers have been doing it since the beginning of time, personalising their service to everyone who comes through the door.…

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Data IQ Awards image

We are sailing – R-cubed’s night out at the Data IQ Awards.

Some of the R-cubed team had the pleasure of attending the Data IQ awards ceremony last night, aboard the Silver Sturgeon boat on the River Thames. Here at R-cubed we love all things data and it was…

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Is your sign up form compliant image

Is your sign up form compliant?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25th May 2018. This article focuses on the changes to your sign up and marketing permission process required to make your sign up…

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Analysis Data IQ Awards Slogo

Costa and R-cubed shortlisted for Data IQ award

Coffee.  Analysis.  What do they both have in common? The answer is that they both get us out of bed in the mornings.  It’s what we live for. So imagine our delight when we were given the task of…

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Google Attribution image

Is Google about to put an end to Independent Attribution?

In short – the answer is … No, Independent Attribution can still be achieved. However, the news that Google is now raising the data drawbridge and removing access to DoubleClick IDs from 25th May…

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Joined up marketing less is more

Why you should spend less on Marketing

Rather than joining in the annual battle to increase, or even maintain, your marketing budget, why not make it easy on yourself and just spend less? Well, not spend less exactly, but certainly spend…

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