P&O and R-cubed shortlisted for Masters of Marketing Award!

We’re thrilled to announce that our Attribution work for P&O Ferries has been shortlisted for a Masters of Marketing Award.

Attribution is in no way plain sailing for most companies and P&O are no different, so when they asked us if we could help them accurately attribute all of their multi-channel marketing efforts we jumped at the chance.

masters awards P&O Ferries

Once the attribution tool was in place we knew that for the P&O team to take full advantage of it they would need to find a way of using past results to accurately predict future returns, so R-cubed developed the Scenario Planning Tool.

The attribution work has had such an impact on the business for P&O Ferries that it has been shortlisted for a Masters of Marketing Award!

Want to find out how the R-cubed team did it?  Read the case study here.